COCEMFE Seville’s ‘Ready Women’ course has improved the employability of women with disabilities.

COCEMFE Seville’s ‘Ready Women’ course has improved the employability of women with disabilities.

The Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville (COCEMFE Seville), through the ‘Ready Women‘ project co-financed by Erasmus Plus of the European Union, has given a course, in face-to-face and digital format, which began on 7 July and ended on 30 September.

The training has offered a total of nine sessions in blended-learning mode, each lasting four hours, with the aim of improving the employability of women with physical and sensory disabilities mainly. In fact, the skills of 16 women have been improved through training activities aimed at new sources of employment and emerging sectors. The contents have been taught by trainers and employment counsellors who are experts in the field.

The course consisted of six thematic modules. Module 1 focused on opportunities for women with disabilities in the European Union (EU), concerning accessibility, universal design and independent living; as well as the objectives of the EU disability rights strategy 2021-2030 ‘Equality Union’. Module 2 has addressed ICT competences for new jobs, with the aim of increasing digital skills in their daily life. Module 3 has offered skills for entrepreneurship, as well as resources they can find within their community to create their own business, as an alternative to get a new job opportunity in a market where there are still not enough employment offers for women with disabilities. Module 4 worked on soft skills, such as effective communication, stress control and time management. Module 5, on gender equality, has allowed us to consider what access to employment means for women with disabilities in terms of family reconciliation and the co-responsible distribution of tasks. Module 6 taught how to prepare an effective CV, how to face a job interview and how to communicate actively in the workplace in order to make their job accessible.

It is remarkable the great interest shown in the contents dealt with and the high participation of women in the sessions, with numerous interventions in the proposed activities.

The initiative has also been implemented in each of the remaining six countries of the ‘Ready Women‘ project: Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece and Italy, with the participation of more than 80 women.

The portal is available and accessible to any woman with disabilities who wants to benefit from the course created for them in the ‘Ready Women’ project. It is a freely accessible, multilingual portal offering a comprehensive training catalogue for trainers and professionals, who want to improve the competences of women with disabilities actively seeking employment, especially those with lower levels of qualification.

Employment links people to the society and economy in which they live and, for this reason, the Federation has given an important role to the promotion of the employment of women with disabilities through resources and tools that enhance their skills in emerging sectors in the province.

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