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Our aims include the promotion and defence of the rights of people with disabilities, the coordination of its associate members, the promotion of actions aimed at achieving the normalisation and integration of people with some kind of physical or organic disability in society, and the improvement that guarantees their quality of life.


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Fotografía Encuentro Readjusting to life Ankara 1

Ankara hosts the last meeting of the European project Readjusting to Life

The Life-long learning, Research and Consultancy Association (SEADDER) fromTurkey has organised the last transnational coordination meeting of the European project ‘Re-adjusting to life’ https://readjustingtolife.eu/ , held at the Başkent Öğretmenevi Hotel in Ankara (Turkey) on 17th -18th November, 2022. This…
Fotografía Encuentro coordinación EYOUTH Montauban 1

Coordination meeting of the european project Eyouth in Montauban (France)

The Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville (COCEMFE Sevilla) has participated in the coordination meeting between the partners of the European project EYOUTH, held in Mountauban (France). During the 9th -10th  of November,…
Fotografía reunión online Rural In Life

The european Rural In Life program will hold a course in Madrid to train professionals who care for people with disabilities

The European project Rural In Life plans from 21 to 24 February 2023 a transnational training activity in Madrid addressed to staff professionals (social workers, adult educators, professionals of municipal services that care for people with disabilities) aimed at promoting…

A transnational meeting in France to analyze the needs of professionals working with young people with disabilities in the framework of the European Youth Day

The EYOUTH programme will hold its second meeting to analyse the needs of professionals working with young people with disabilities, in the framework of the European Youth Day dedicated to the most vulnerable people or those with fewer opportunities in…

Second transnational coordination meeting of Rural Independent Life project

The Rural Independent Life programme continues its development in order to achieve the objective of supporting the independent living of people with disabilities in rural areas in a comprehensive way. The second transnational coordination meeting was held on 4 and…
Fotografía Conferencia final Mind Their Health

The auditorium of the Town Hall of Montecatini Terme hosted the final conference of the European project Mind Their Health

The auditorium of the Town Hall of Montecatini Terme (Italy) hosted yesterday the final conference of the European project Mind Their Health (Inclusion and Health through food), coordinated by the local association La Forza Di Nemo and funded by Erasmus…



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Fotografía Presidente COCEMFE Sevilla Juan José Lara

Juan José Lara

President of COCEMFE Seville

It fills me with great joy, pride and motivation to be part of a team and project that, despite all the limitations that it faces for funding reasons, continues to grow and moving forward each year by providing services and care for its users. Because of that, we are empowering them to face all those daily battles to achieve the normalisation they have to fight for.

I would also like to thank all areas of the Federation and, of course, to our employees for their tireless dedication and professionalism, as well as our associations affiliated which continue to grow, by keeping a clear and solid message of unity as we continue to fight for our common goal.