COCEMFE Seville participates in the 3rd webinar of the European programme ‘WeUnique’, on inclusion in educational environments.

COCEMFE Seville participates in the 3rd webinar of the European programme ‘WeUnique’, on inclusion in educational environments.

The team of the European Projects Department of the Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville, has participated, virtually, this Thursday 6th June, in the third webinar of the European programme WeUnique, whose objective is to improve the knowledge and competences of teachers to create inclusive learning environments working with students with autism, as well as with those who have physical or organic disabilities and of immigrant origin.

The virtual seminar has been conducted by the entity CPIP from Romania -partner of the programme- and has counted with the participation of 97 students, beating all the records previously achieved in the series of seminars which have been carried out during the last weeks.

At the same time, other partners of the project participated in this event, among them the entity Beti and the entity Nade from Lithuania and our Provincial Federation, representing Spain.

During the development of the online event, we have worked on how to improve the inclusive environment in the classroom, in this case focused on students with autism spectrum disorder.

In the same way, it has been possible to count on the presence of professional experts in the field such as Ms. Beatrice Frantescu, who has exposed nourished data of great relevance to deal with students with autism from the field of psycho-pedagogy.

As a consequence of this meeting, it has been possible to expand, together with the materials already available in the web platform of the project: the academic work of Dr. Francisco Balbuena Rivera, to whom from the WeUnique project and on behalf of the educational and scientific community, we thank him for his interest, dedication and contributions.

The WeUnique project has been a process of great importance and impact for the community with physical and organic disabilities in Seville, since a process of documentary research has been carried out with the participation of a multidisciplinary team of professionals (psycho-pedagogues, teachers, professors, counsellors, trainers, among others).

From COCEMFE Seville, we would like to remind you that the complete guide is already available at the following link: