ANDÉVALO, Day of coexistence and inclusive adventure for people with disabilities, users of COCEMFE Sevilla.

ANDÉVALO, Day of coexistence and inclusive adventure for people with disabilities, users of COCEMFE Sevilla.

Everything is ready for the 20 people with disabilities who have registered, users of our Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville, COCEMFE Seville, to enjoy an experience full of adventure and inclusion in Andévalo (Santa Bárbara de Casa), in the province of Huelva.

This day will take place during this weekend, from 16 to 18 February, where there will be activities such as Archery, Kayaking, Tyrolean traverse, adapted recreation, recreational dynamics, training and evening evenings with great surprises.

In addition, we will have the accompaniment of volunteers with and without disabilities to support in whatever is necessary in each of the activities that will be carried out in our adventure itinerary.

It is of utmost importance to mention that the people with disabilities who will participate in these activities are mostly residents of the rural sector of the province of Seville.

Our member organisations include the Seville Spina Bifida Association, ASEB; the Association of People with Disabilities and Fibromyalgia, Fráter San Pablo de Écija; Dragones Quad Rugby, the Association of Spinal Cord Injuries, Alma Sevilla and the Seville Association of Ataxias, ASA.

The celebration of these activities was the result of the collaboration between the departments of Leisure, Free Time and Volunteering, whose head is Mr. Emilio Tortosa, and European Projects, which is under the direction of Ms. Encarnación Barrera, of our Federation.

This conference has a novel character because it has the fusion of the action policies that our organisation supports in terms of leisure, free time and volunteering together with the mainly training and research interests provided by the European wing of the Federation.

The activities to be developed in Andévalo, are co-financed by the funds of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and are framed in the European projects Digit2Me and Team IV, developed by our entity and whose aims are to contribute to the social inclusion of people with disabilities through the empowerment of these with mentoring and the improvement of skills of people who act as mentors of young people in vulnerable situations within the rural area.

In this way, we are taking decisive steps towards social integration, healthy entertainment, training, awareness and sensitisation for a more humane and inclusive world in favour of the disabled in Seville and its province.

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