Three European countries publish guide on inclusion and health through food

Three European countries publish guide on inclusion and health through food

The entities La Forza di Nemo from Italy, the Association of Young Psychologists from Bulgaria (AYPB) and the Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville (COCEMFE Seville) from Spain, are publishing a guide on inclusion and health through food.

This guide aims to disseminate the rights of people with disabilities. Specifically, within neurodegenerative diseases, the importance of inclusive leisure is emphasised, which has an impact on psychological benefits. The aim of this guide is to provide a useful tool for disability professionals and family members so that their work can contribute to the well-being and the achievement of a full life for these people. It is hoped that this document will contribute to learning and the acquisition of skills as a support in the work carried out.

Encarnación Barrera and Álvaro Walls, the technicians for European projects of COCEMFE Seville, are editing the specific section on inclusive tourism, in collaboration with the other two entities, which are preparing sections on neurodegenerative diseases, dysphagia, psychological conditions of disabled people and their families, etc.

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This document will be the result of networking within the framework of the European project ‘Mind Their Health‘, co-financed by Erasmus+ of the European Union.

The Federation works in the field of inclusion of people with disabilities, and the section on inclusive leisure is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of exercising the right to tourism and attending to it as an opportunity for empowerment, autonomy, personal and social development.

The guide will be made available to the disability community and citizens on the websites of La Forza di Nemo, Bulgarian Association of Young Psychologists and COCEMFE Seville.

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