The Third Transnational Partner Meeting in Turin was a great success!

The Third Transnational Partner Meeting in Turin was a great success!

The partners of the European project “Rural Independent Life” celebrated the third Transnational Project Coordination Meeting in May 2023 in Turin, Italy.

The meeting took place at Institute for the Deaf of Turin during 17-18 May 2023, where the project partners were introduced to the great history of the host organisation. The Institute for the Deaf of Turin is a non-profit foundation that has been operating since 1814 in favour of the training and social inclusion of deaf people. It was established by the Savoy at the beginning of the 19th century to give assistance and education to deaf children and to train their teachers. The first director was the priest Francesco Bracco, who also made his own the previous experience of Giovanni Battista Scagliotti. From the outset, the institute had the dual mandate of educating deaf children and training their teachers.

The transnational partner meeting was a great experience for the project partners to meet again and discuss current and upcoming tasks:

  • Development of a virtual community for professionals that attend people with disabilities in rural areas.
  • Creating a guide to promote independent living for people with disabilities in rural areas.
  • Designing a digital platform and mobile application with all relevant resources.

During the meeting the partners had the opportunity to work in groups planning interactive activities for e-learning course and deciding about the key concepts to be introduced in the videos which later will be introduced in the platform and app4independentliving.

The next Transnational Project Coordination meeting is expected to take place in October 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rural In Life is co-financed by Erasmus Plus of the European Union, and involves the entities EQUIP (Denmark), OZARA (Slovenia), Istituto dei Sordi de Torino (Italy),  Gelisim University of Istanbul (Turkey) And FEKOOR, FAMMA Madrid and COCEMFE Sevilla (Spain).

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