Satisfactory results in our European project Ready Women

Satisfactory results in our European project Ready Women

The ‘Ready Women for New Employments’ project, co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, received the final evaluation of the program with very satisfactory results from the national agency, SEPIE.

The objective of this project is to offer new opportunities and resources to women with physical and/or sensory disabilities to improve their professional skills, as well as their opportunities of employability and integration in the labour market. These activities were carried out mainly through training contents relating to New Yields of Employment (NYE) and emerging sectors.

Thus, the actions of the program continue through the course “Ready Women: Opportunities for women with disabilities in new yields of employment”, which contains six different modules (opportunities for women with disabilities in the EU, new yields of employment and ICT skills , entrepreneurship skills, soft skills for women in the labor market, gender equality for women with disabilities and job search and networking skills).

The training is aimed at women with disabilities or adult education trainers and is available on the training portal

Also, this program aims to provide skills to promote self-esteem and security for women with disabilities, in order to improve their active search for employment.

COCEMFE Sevilla coordinated this project with the intention of being able to carry out this work, facilitating these women access to new job offers, as well as services on equal terms with other citizens.

For more information you can follow the Twitter page: @readywomen

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