COCEMFE Sevilla celebrates The International Day of Persons with Disabilities in a rural area to raise awareness among young people and promote inclusion

COCEMFE Sevilla celebrates The International Day of Persons with Disabilities in a rural area to raise awareness among young people and promote inclusion

The Provincial Federation of Associations of people with physical and organic disabilities in Seville (COCEMFE Sevilla) celebrated International and European Day of People with disabilities with the meeting on ‘Prevention, Road Safety and Adapted Sports’ at the Maestre Don José Jurado Espada Institute of Secondary Education in El Rubio (Sevilla).

The mayor of this municipality, Rafael De la Fe Haro, participated in the commemorative ceremony for people with disabilities, during which he indicated that disability is a “very deep issue for me”, since his sister “has different capacities”. He has also pointed out the importance of “eliminating architectural barriers, and making the world easier for all and equitable”.

On the other hand, the president of the Federation, Juan José Lara, stressed that “disability needs accessibility and adapted sport as a rehabilitation tool.” For this reason, these types of actions are carried out, a “day for students to empathize with people with disabilities and see the difficulty of living with reduced mobility”.

The objective of the activity has been to educate young people in rural areas about disability; how to live with the disability in terms of difficulties and opportunities; as well as the fundamental role of society and its awareness so that the inclusion and normalization of the collective is achieved.

Mr. Lara together the management team and accessibility, Education and Sport staff in the organisation presented meeting contents to more than 50 students of 3rd and 4th grade at Secondary Education. Among the concepts addressed, those focused on familiarizing students with different types of disabilities have been highlighted; follow the road safety indications to avoid accidents; learn about the accessibility of different environments and access to adapted sports…

Also, Adela Estudillo, director of Education centre; Evelina Asián, Director of Studies; Isabel Prieto, director of  a local association of people with disabilities ‘Nosotros también contamos’, Isabel Prieto, have been participated in the meeting.

During the event, a manifesto was read to demand that assistance services be guaranteed to people with disabilities in times of pandemic and health crisis. The document has been read by the COCEMFE Sevilla board of directors, the mayor of El Rubio and a young woman with a disability from the local association.

Likewise, a practical experience has been developed with the students through wheelchair tours, so that they experience how mobility is for a person with a disability and become aware of the reality the group experiences. After finishing meeting, the mayor has highlighted that a simple comment using some inadequate terms could damage people with disabilities very much; also, he has emphasised that any person could acquire a disability because accidents or unhealthy habits. 

El Rubio local government has showed a great awareness and empathy on disabilities matters. In facts, 144 persons with disabilities are living in this municipality, among them, 54 people have severely disabilities with a degree over 65%.

During the development of the event, all the security measures have been carried out in the prevention of COVID-19 (social distancing, hydroalcoholic gels, disinfection of material …).

Currently, COCEMFE Sevilla has developing the project EU-RUDISNET aimed to promote social inclusion of people with disabilities at rural areas. EU-RUDISNET is cofinanced by Erasmus + programme of the EU.

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