Rural Independent Life

“From institutionalization to comprehensive support for an independent life of people with disabilities in rural areas”, training program for professionals

The overall objective of the RURAL IN LIFE project is to create an innovative and comprehensive training programme for professionals (social workers, adult educators, professionals of municipal services for people with disabilities) aimed at promoting the social inclusion and independent living of people with disabilities living in rural areas.

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The planning of the training programme for independent living in rural areas will comprise the following actions and expected results:

  1. Qualitative study to identify the information and methodological needs of local service professionals in the rural municipalities covered by the project; social workers, NGO staff and adult educators who have when caring for people with disabilities and to promote independent living in their social inclusion process. The main results will be:
    1. Identifying the specific barriers faced by professionals serving PWD in their day-to-day lives in contrast to those living in cities and larger areas.
    2. The training needs of these professionals to improve their competences in the care of these people in their process of social inclusion/independent living in rural areas.
    3. Identification of best practices already being carried out in the regions covered by the project on independent living initiatives for people with disabilities in rural areas.
    4. Report on the barriers and training needs of these professionals caring for PWD in rural areas regarding the concept of independent living.
  2. Development of a European Virtual Community of practitioners for adult education professionals, municipal staff, health professionals and social workers serving people with disabilities (PWD) in rural areas of the EU, connecting them with each other and with other professionals, in order to share experiences, knowledge, training, etc.
  3. Plan and develop a training curriculum on independent living and personal assistance for professionals caring for PWD in rural areas.
  4. Guide for independent living for people with disabilities in rural areas. This will be a guide for professionals counselling and guiding people with disabilities in rural areas and will contain the necessary steps for a holistic assessment and subsequent plan for independent living of the person with a disability. It will provide recommendations for the care of persons with mental health problems and persons with sensory disabilities.
  5. APP4independentlife: It will be an application containing a short version of the designed curriculum on independent living and personal assistance for PWD and other resources such as videos, links to services in each country, infographics, etc. It will be an educational tool with training material and also a tool for mentoring and training of trainees for training in the project. This application will also serve as a means to disseminate information about the project and the activities it hosts.
  6. Holding a national multiplier event for each partner and in each European country participating in the project to disseminate the results, training and tools created at national and transnational level.
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