Be Happy In Life

Project led by the D.G. of Health in Istanbul with partners in Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy and Spain.


  • To determine the difficulties and needs of families who have a person with a disability and to define the relationship between socio-demographic and psychological factors and their experiences.

  • To contribute to the improvement of pedagogical knowledge and skills of professionals working in the health and social field.

  • Implement pilot studies for the integration of the coaching technique instead of the consultancy technique.

  • Organising workshops for professionals and family carers

  • Developing materials that contribute to the adult education of family caregivers

  • Linking sustainable communication between professionals and family caregivers

  • Combating marginalisation and social exclusion of family carers.

  • Contribute to the development of European values such as social inclusion, diversity and tolerance.

  • Creating synergy between stakeholders at European and local level through a strategic partnership

Fotografía Programa Be Happy in Life


  1. Create a curriculum of training courses on the coaching approach
  2. Developing support tools for families (guide and booklet)
  3. Developing instructions for professionals
  4. Develop a catalogue that includes service providers for beneficiaries
  5. Creation of videos and interviews related to workshops for family and professional caregivers
  6. To create a multilingual MOOC - Online course addressing the above themes

Further information

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