COCEMFE Sevilla started the activities of the SEED Project - Sharing experiences against exclusion and discrimination

A project co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union

Seville, November 18, 2020 (COCEMFE Sevilla)

Last Friday, November 13, 2020, European projects staff in Cocemfe Seville attended an online meeting to coordinate the project, in which the program was launched and the dissemination activities and preparation of transnational training meetings began.

The aim of the SEED project is to exchange best practices and reach conclusions on ways to change the perception of disability in young people to improve their integration in school or at work after finishing their studies.

The work will focus on comparing the methods and organizations that best achieve these objectives and on drawing up common conclusions based on a study with the interested parties.

It is therefore a question of improving social inclusion, since school and work access, in effect, places of social construction for individuals.

The second priority is to facilitate entry into the economic world by identifying prejudices and misrepresentations of different disabilities.

We will endeavour to study the "good" conditions for the acquisition of skills for young people with disabilities both in the school environment and in the jobs they already occupy. The conclusions we will reach will be part of the dissemination of the social and educational value of European heritage.

SEED project is coordinated by the Lycce Technologique Pierre De Coubertin (Meaux, France), and the entities participate as partners: Consorzio Cooperative Sociali SGS Servizi Globali Sociosanitari (Lanciano, Italy), Istanbul Gelisim University (Istanbul, Turkey) and COCEMFE Sevilla.